Managing change or implementing a new program within a business is not always an easy task especially where knowledge and relevant experience does not exist or is limited in the company.

We offer custom-designed SHEQ management systems specific to your companyand include a comprehensive range of solutionsto proactively promote a positive SHEQ culture and ensuring SHEQ risks in the workplace are managed.

Our consulting services include development, implementation,and monitoring:

  • Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) management programs
  • ISO 9001, 45001, 14001 systems
  • Legal compliance programs

Implementation of:
· Contractors Management Program
· Legal Compliance Programs
· Integrated SHE Management Programs
· ISO 9001
· ISO 14001
· OHSAS 18001
· HIV / Aids Management Programs

Facilitate the development and integration of management systems through the application of project plans based on predetermined objectives.

Cost – Excl. Vat:
Costs are based on the scope of the project

Non Certificated Audits:
· SHE Management Programs
· Opinion Based Legal Compliance Audit

The audit process plays an important part in bench-marking and improving the risk management performance within organisations.

Cost – Excl. Vat:
Costs are based upon complexity of audit.

Assistance With She Program Management:
· SHE Consulting

Assist companies with the implementation and optimising SHE management programs.

Legal Services:
· Legal Registers

The purpose is to identify applicable legislation while eliminating unrelated information. The integrated software package compliments and enhances the functionality of SHE and ISO management programs. The register includes National, Provincial and Local By-Laws

Cost – Excl. Vat:
Costs are based on the scope of the project

Risk Assesments and Management:
· Organizational Baseline Risk Assessments
· Activity Based Risk Assessments
· Health Risk Assessments
· Environmental Aspects Assessments
· Fire Risk Assessments
· Occupational Hygiene Surveys

To optimize resources, finances and efforts from facilitating the identification and assessing operational risks, through to the development of risk management strategies.

Cost – Excl. Vat:
Costs are based on the scope of the project