Streamline and control contractor & visitor sign in

Rapid Access simplifies the sign-in process for your workplace or site while keeping all records visible in real-time. Our visitor access management system is the ideal solution to screen and check company and individual compliance for employees, contractors and visitors, and request them to complete any necessary, custom-built forms


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Rapid Access Thermal Technology

Rapid Access Beacon Technology

How can you keep track of who is currently on site and has access to enter all your sites?

Rapid Access is a visitor sign-in solution that lets you track visitors at one or more sites in real-time. Use our visitor management system to streamline and automate your check-in process. This check in software also enhances security and prevents unauthorised personnel from accessing your site.

Rapid Access is perfect for companies who have visitor tracking management needs or site security concerns. The system is the best visitor management software, providing a complete site access solution. When used in conjunction with Rapid Contractor Management software, it is a comprehensive sub-contractor management solution.

Keep track of hours spent on site in real-time

When using Rapid Access, you can throw out paper timesheets! Our online site access software records the time of site entry and exit for every person. This gives you the ability to view and verify how much time someone has spent on site.

Gain control in emergencies

Send an automated evacuation notification from the visitor app to everyone who is currently signed in to site in an emergency. Get people to text back as ‘safe’ once they have reached the muster point. Mark this on the app to account for everyone.


Rapid Incident is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Have multiple visitor types access your sites

Verify contractors coming to your sites and track hours

Display emergency information

Generate an evacuation list

Account for everyone in an emergency

Check the status of inductions, licences and insurances

Integrate with existing onsite security solutions such as ID card entry systems

Notify on-site personnel of visitor arrival

Use fingerprint biometrics, swipe card access or QR code to enter

Record site entry and exit using geolocation

Print wearable labels for visitors for a visual cue on site

Host all information online using cloud-based software


Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about our software.

Rapid Access Systems can include swipe card site entry hardware and software, turnstiles, touchscreens, computer terminals for access control and ID systems. The system is able to record onsite hours, restrict site entry to inducted and licensed contractors, and take a photo of all persons entering the site.
Rapid Access Systems are able to include key dispenser units integrated with our software so that a worker or contractor can sign in and be allocated a specific key even in an unmanned situation.
Yes. We integrate with your existing systems and even can set up a blended approach involving manned guard huts and your security guards.
Yes. We are able to provide fully integrated breathalyzer units that can test either randomly, at specific intervals, or mandatory upon entry to the site. The system will then alert relevant managers via SMS and email when a positive reading is recorded.