Audit software to automate your audit management process

Rapid Auditor is a system to implement and monitor auditing procedures for various purposes including workplace inspection, quality management, health and safety, and compliance. It allows you to register tasks, automate reminders and complete audits and inspections from any device.


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Would your business run smoother if you didn’t have to deal with lengthy paper audits and clunky auditing processes?

Essential to reducing risk, workplace safety and compliance audits are a central part of any robust safety management system. The purpose of a workplace audit is to identify areas that need improvement, and helps employers remain compliant with employment laws and regulations. Rapid Auditor allows you to review various policies and procedures within any area of your organisation.

With its fast and straightforward interface, Rapid Auditor empowers you to manage the entire audit lifecycle with ease. You can access the data and review the hazards identified, and approve the corrective actions.

By reducing the complexity of the audit process, you can save your business time and ensure compliance across all areas. Customisable to any industry and businesses of any size.

Customise and create as many audit forms as you need

Tailor these forms to your exact needs using our intuitive form builder. Create checklists remotely from any location using any internet-connected device. Store and manage your audit information centrally and securely in a single, reliable, easy to use system.

Automate your repetitive task and audit reminders

Rapid Auditor is the ideal system to automate audit tasks for you. Set a schedule for repetitive tasks, such as office and site maintenance, and assign them to the relevant person. Receive automatic texts and emails and send automated reminders to the responsible personnel when tasks are upcoming or overdue.

Receive non-compliant audit reports and organise corrective actions

Configure the system to automatically receive non-compliant reports to your inbox once an audit is complete. Assign relevant personnel to the task of undertaking corrective actions. Approve the appropriate corrective measures before the task is fully closed off. Run reports and export them ad-hoc.

Automate your audit process with Rapid Auditor

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Conduct workplace readiness inspections
Permanently replace manual checklists and audit logs with automated service alerts and reminders.
Align your company’s unique multilevel workflow approval design with individual user permission designation.
Protect confidential information and ensure that only authorised persons view sensitive data.
Achieve impeccable audit scores and attract more clients, by streamlining your audits and alerts.
Support your staff and root out non-compliance before it becomes a major setback.
Schedule reports to easily determine common or frequent problem areas across your business.


Rapid Auditor is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Manage your safety workplace audits and repetitive tasks

Allocate tasks to responsible persons

Schedule reminders and alerts

Attach documents and export reports

Set administrator levels for personalised access

Perform workplace health and safety audits

Complete financial audits and plant and machinery inspections

Do quality audits and risk control assessments


Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about our software.

Yes. With Rapid Auditor you can create, schedule, and complete audits with a click.
Yes. Rapid Auditor has administrator levels for personalised access.
Yes. Rapid Auditor allows you to link tasks to specific assets and ensure that assets are maintained within their warranty period and as required on an ongoing basis.