Meet safety compliance obligations with Rapid Permit to Work

Rapid’s permit to work system is an online work authorisation and permit to work compliance software solution.


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What if your workers could request work permits online and your team could validate and issue permits from their devices?

Rapid Permit to Work is an online safety management system software that streamlines the process of issuing permits and managing the safety of your workers. It enables your organisation to gain control over high safety risk activities and meet workplace safety regulations.

Customise work order forms for any work type

Rapid’s permit to work system supports all work permit types. Use our confined space work permit system for better health and safety management. Our system includes hot work permit issuing software, working at heights, excavation and break-in, and many more. Include any required permit in this electronic system and manage all your work authorisation records efficiently.

Manage your work orders online using Rapid’s issue permits to work software

Use our web-enabled safety system to access work orders on your computer. When you’re away from your desk, you can use the Rapid Global Admin Tools mobile app from anywhere.
Provide other administrators from your company with access to manage work orders. You can specify the level of permission each administrator can have to create, approve or reject work orders. Get an alert if the worker makes any changes to an approved work order.

Go paperless and save time

Rather than losing time looking for lost paperwork, either on-site or at audit time, go paperless!
Rapid’s issue work permits system enables your workers to submit work permits and request authorisation for site access online. Workers can submit work permits from their phone or tablet before arrival, or at the site entry point upon arrival. Ensure that only appropriate people are authorised to carry out the designated work.


Rapid Risk is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Create and issue online work permits such as confined space entry, working at heights, hot and cold work, and electrical work

Receive high-risk work permit requests from your workers

Collect and store all necessary documentation

Centrally store all work permits in one place

Report issues or hazards after the work is complete

Gain control over high risk activities and meet workplace safety regulations


Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about our software.

No. This system eliminates the need for paper copies and ensures all permits are centrally stored in one database, providing a systematic approach to keeping records for auditing purposes.
All permits are able to be included, for example hot work, working at height, excavation/ break-in, electrical work, confined space, all clearance certificates.
Currently, the system is designed to work on an iPad. We are developing the system to also be compatible with other platforms such as touch screens. iPads have been selected as the preferred device due to the portability and the flexibility of being able to carry the device whilst on the job.
Yes. Rapid Permit operates in conjunction with Rapid Contractor. Contractor’s details are stored in Rapid Contractor and retrieved during the work request process. Rapid Contractor also performs the important function of ensuring the contractor company associated with the worker is compliant and fully insured. This ensures you are unable to issue work orders to uninsured or non-compliant contractor companies. If you would like a customised version that does not require Rapid Contractor, please speak with one of our sales staff to discuss the possible solutions.