Third party audits will identify potential legal liability gaps in organisation’s operations while systems audits will determine whether management plans are effectively applied.

Site specific legal compliance audits are tailored to your organisations legal liabilityprofile and can be linked to Aspects and Impacts Registers and Health and Safety Risk Assessments.

Uncertified system audits measure compliance against the ISO 9001, 45001, 14001 audit standard guidelines.

Contractor Management

Contractual requirements and litigation are challenges which both contractors and employers face more regularly, making management a necessity. Our focus is on assisting companies with the management of transferring the risk to a responsible third party and reducing loss through activities such as controlling job sites and construction quality managing.

Contractor management services cover:

Contractor safety files

Drafting client specifications

Contractor vetting

Site compliance audits, assessments, monitoring and inspection services

Risk Assessments

Carrying out risk assessments enables the employers to prioritise the implementation of risk mitigation measures necessary for the protection of workers.This proactive approach will prevent the majority of incidents that may occur in your workplace if the risk reduction goals are regularly reviewed, reassessed and managed.

Our experienced team will analyse your organisation’s Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality risks through qualitative methods. These methods are modelled around your risk tolerance requirements and are systematically assessed by reviewing consequence of outcomes, probability of occurrence and exposure.

Site-activity risk assessment

Task risk assessment

Chemical risk assessment

Issue based risk assessment

Fall Protection Plans

Fall protection plans are designed to manage the risks of workers who will be in an elevated position or work area. The construction legislation requires employers to have a detailed fall protection plan whenever there is a risk of people falling while working at heights.

Our certified height safety risk specialists will conduct a site survey in the areas designated by the client employer and develop a plan for safe working at heights that is both reasonable and practicable.

Printed Media

Print media is used to create a higher level of conciseness in the workplace to improve the safety culture and incident reduction programs. Visual initiatives encourage safe practices in the workplace and promote unity among the employees who will look out for the safety of every team member while they work.

Our posters, banners, safety performance boards and safety booklets are individually designed to incorporate your organisation’s SHE objectives.

Also included are:

Safety performance boards

Isolation and lockout boards

Safety booklets

Permit books

Awareness Campaigns

Campaigns bring health and safety alive in the workplace through engaging communications, raising awareness, and offering workplace guidance around several topical health and safety matters.

Campaigns are uniquely designed to grab the attention of targeted employees when promoting health and safety at the workplace.These include:

Aids awareness

Road safety

Safety days and competitions

Behavioural Safety

Behaviour-based safety is a safety management system that specifies exactly which behaviours are required from each employee to achieve a safe and healthy work environment. Behavioural system controls will measure whether behaviours exist as a routine element in the work environment, and whether behaviours are acceptable or not.

This bottom-up approach (frontline employees), with top-down support from safety leaders approach promotes interventions that are employee-focused. The initiatives have a proactive focus, encouraging individuals and their work groups to consider the potential for incident involvement and to assess their own behaviour as safe or unsafe.


Managing change or implementing a new program within a business is not always an easy task especially where knowledge and relevant experience does not exist or is limited in the company.

We offer custom-designed SHEQ management systems specific to your company and include a comprehensive range of solutions to proactively promote a positive SHEQ culture and ensuring SHEQ risks in the workplace are managed.

Our consulting services include development, implementation,and monitoring:

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) management programs

ISO 9001, 45001, 14001 systems

Legal compliance programs